eSignDashboard App Makes Going Paperless Easy

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GoPaperless, Inc today released eSignDashboard 2.0 for iPad users. This all-in-one Business app not only lets busy professionals go mobile, but it has all the tools they need to go paperless as well. In this update, the app receives a makeover in the form of a more user friendly and professional looking user interface. Other important updates include improved pinch and zoom, resize/edit signature annotation at the bottom of pages, and enhanced two finger scroll for draw annotation.



Escondido, CA –  Announcing that GoPaperless, Inc, the developer of eSignDashboard, has just released the latest update for iPad users. eSignDashboard 2.0 is an all-in-one Business app that not only lets busy professionals go mobile, but it has all the tools they need to go paperless as well. The app lets users create or import documents, and edit, annotate, and share them, all without a single sheet of paper. Users can also securely sign important docs with a tamper-proof biometric signature.


In this update, the app receives a makeover in the form of a more user friendly and professional looking user interface. Other important updates include improved pinch and zoom, resize/edit signature annotation at the bottom of pages, and enhanced two finger scroll for draw annotation.


eSignDashboard 2.0 Features Include:

* eAnnotate- Easily annotate documents

* eSign- Create a secure, biometric signature

* eFAx- Electronically send or receive faxes in the app

* eDocs- Organize your files in one place


Users can now sign documents with the secure signature pad. This feature allows for an actual, handwritten signature, which is tamper-proof when the document is saved outside the app. The signature pad also protects other areas of the document from accidental markup by stray fingers.


The eAnnotate feature allows users to quickly annotate docs on the fly. Annotation tools include text, signature, date stamp and drawing tools. When docs are complete, the app allows for faxing via the REDfax service. Return faxes are received in the users email, and can simply be opened in the eSignDashboard app.


eDocs serves as the user’s “Home Base”. This is where they create folders and import documents. Folders can be sorted by name, file size or type, or date modified, so everything is organized exactly the way users like them.


eSignDashboard 2.0 was designed for business professionals, teachers, or anyone who wants to take their business mobile and paperless. It’s paperless made easy.


About GoPaperless, Inc

GoPaperless Solutions is a hi-tech company delivering the latest in totally paper-free business computing solutions, backed by leading edge service and support with our global ecosystem in mind. GoPaperless Solutions provides innovative software solutions such as eSignDashboard, Real Estate Dashboard and eSignOnline for the paperless professional in a variety of industries including real estate, insurance, automotive, finance, healthcare, and field service.


Device Requirements:

* iPad

* Requires iPhone OS 4.3 or later

* 8.4 MB


Pricing and Availability:

eSignDashboard 2.0 is only $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business, Productivity category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.


eSignDashboard 2.0


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Prabakar Mahalingam

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Being Social can be Profitable

Want to be friends? You might have heard this phrase among children on the playground, but now with the emergence of social media outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn, you might get asked in your office. Playground to office? That’s quite a jump. Social media has so successfully integrated itself into our lives so fast that it Is changing the way people connect with one another as well as how organizations conduct their operations altogether. With the ability to stay current and in-the-know with our mobile devices and social media outlets, being restricted to magazines, newspapers, television, or even text message is no longer your first option to obtaining information you want. Due to this social breakthrough, mobile professionals have benefitted from increased connections and the ability to be well, more mobile than ever.

Social media has given the power of communication a global stage and has made it simpler for organizations to receive feedback quickly. With business moving as fast as it does today, industries like real estate do not always have time to sift through Google searches or e-mails from clients. For real estate agents in particular, relying on mobility and availability for clients is essential to their success since a majority of their tasks are accomplished while away from the office. Connections are happening at such a rapid rate that clients expect and want to be able to know that they can reach their agent anywhere, anytime. For example, LinkedIn is a social network that aids qualified individuals seeking careers and organizations looking to hire by using legitimate business connections. LinkedIn does not feature “status updates” or “Timelines” but offers users a personal page that offers visitors their business qualifications, whom they are associated within their relevant industry, and the ability to meet potential clients or business partners.  Real estate professionals who take advantage utilizing sites like LinkedIn can strike proverbial occupational “oil.”

  • Show recent listings
  • Show sold listings
  • Stay current on local, regional, and national events in your industry
  • Associate with clients and other professionals


With these tools at their discretion, Organizations are quickly recognizing that embracing social media, whether it be positive or negative media, can allow a company to communicate with their customers on a personal level through sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. By being able to respond to their customers, companies can potentially improve on their service or product. What had to be discussed around a conference room is now deliberated in real time.

            A number of technologies have emerged that is changing our business culture and trends. Social media tools like blogs, discussion boards, instant messaging, Facebook, and YouTube are drawing people into reading information online, interacting, sharing documents and photos. Popular among the younger generation, these tools are also being used by businesses to distribute electronic materials, develop trainings, seminars, and distribute company news and presentations. These tools are gradually eliminating the need to send letters, documents, or faxes because those traditional routes take time and in the business realm it is not a luxury many can afford. Go Paperless Solutions has supported several firms adopt paperless solutions that has enhanced efficiency and help save on costs. Offering software like eSignOnline, eSignDashBoard, REDfax, and Real Estate DashBoard that permits users to conduct their business from anywhere, anytime. As business becomes increasingly mobile, it is up to the mobile professional to sink or swim with the cutting-edge tools like social media to help maintain their connections.

Vying for the Handshake

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It seems now that the more connected we are through our mobile devices and software like teleconferencing, instant messenger, email, or even face time on our smart phones, the less connected we become with face-to-face communication. Today, we now strive for efficiency in business and it’s no secret we are heavily reliant on technology to assist us on tasks that we would typically have to waste valuable time on. Although breakthroughs are occurring almost on a daily basis, for instance the iPad 3, organizations should not abandon to chance to meet with their clients when the opportunity presents itself. For example, a family buying their first home can be a very enduring experience. Having their agent assisting and communicating with them through this process can alleviate unwanted stress. Communication is the essence of an organizations livelihood. Face-to-face communication in business is still a primary method due to their ability to shape strong and meaningful relationships. The opportunity to further connect with coworkers and clients is immeasurable and the benefits are hard to argue.

  • Emotional responses – whether in distress or in levity, people will most likely respond more favorably in person than via teleconferencing or email. With a formal business transaction, you have the ability to add your own unique, personal touch.


  • Conflict – If a client or a co-worker is enraged, usually it is not a good idea to try and mediate the situation from a distance. Being face-to-face is convenient and can usually produce instant solutions rather than letting the situation marinate.


  • Priority – If there is a new product on the way out, you want your team in place in the same war room to make any last minute changes and as the chief, you may prefer they stay until the job is done.


  • Honesty – when you are present with a client, you want to disclose everything that is pertinent to the situation. Everything you want to discuss and or sign is present and it’s impossible to seal the deal with a power handshake over video conference. When you’re dealing with older, established organizations, they likely prefer this technique.


While more personal interaction is desired among businesses, it is unrealistic to think you can join in on every meeting. More businesses are requiring their employees to be “mobile professionals” in this new Information Age. Mobile professionals, such as real estate agents, now essentially must provide the same quality service that could be levied in a face-to-face meeting. Because this business person can be working from anywhere, having the latest tools such as tablet PC’s help them stay on the forefront of their industry. Anytime a mobile professional is on the move, most likely a contract or document needs to be signed and traditional methods like lugging around pen and paper is outdated. Now, tablet PC’s offer mobile professional’s instruments like electronic signatures. Before, to get a document signed, usually a face to face meeting was required or some sort of express mailing which requires people meeting, conversing, and signing. Essentially, valuable time is wasted. Utilizing electronic signatures, since becoming legally binding under the E-Sign Act of 2000, can offer enhanced levels of security and professionalism if you can’t make that meeting with your client. Go Paperless Solutions has aided numerous firms with document management, electronic signatures, tablet based signing, and mobile solutions. By offering software like eSignOnline, eSignDashBoard, and Real Estate Dashboard, Go Paperless Solutions has helped firms go virtually paperless by eliminating the need for signing, scanning, faxing, and mailing.

If you have a chance to attend that meeting and sign a contract, why not do it on a shiny new iPad or sleek Android Tablet? Clients want to know their information is safe and when you dabble in electronic signatures, it spells digital encryption. Trying to forge an identity is much more challenging when you are signing with an electronic signature. With the abundance of work to do, it can be difficult to find time for honest face-to-face communication and it’s clear that there is no substitute. Although you may not make every meeting, you can be reassured that your mobile tools can keep propelling your business forward.

Vacation? You probably need one

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Whether it is winter, fall, or spring a vacation should never be neglected – it could affect your overall productivity. Most people do not take regular vacations and quite possibly just refrain from taking them completely. Taking a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop working altogether and more often than not, mobile professionals enjoy the fact they can keep connected with their business even while on vacation. Vacations can enhance your creative thinking and being away from the office with family and friends can shift your mindset onto a different course. Mobile business professionals are often required to be in and out of the office traveling and that doesn’t always translate into relaxation, but burnout. Burnouts can be classified as “experiences of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest.” Being under the same routine work can cause stress and develop a “tunnel vision” mindset which could potentially lead to irrational work decisions and loss of business.

When you have motivated agents it typically translates into satisfied customers. Your company ought to recognize rest and relaxation as an invaluable business practice and can produce agents that want to work for the company rather than having to work for the company. When you take a job, generally a salary, sick days, and paid vacations are perks that are included. I’ve met a number of individuals who have accumulated over a month of paid vacation days and keep them in their back pocket. I asked why not take the vacation already? Typically, they replied feeling guilty leaving the company for an extended amount of time and becoming attached to their work life. If you’ve earned it, tell your boss you’ll be in touch if he needs you. When you travel to a new destination with new sights and sounds, you loosen up.

Let’s be realistic, these days business is a 24/7/365 revolving door and you might have an occupation that still requires your input. Being a mobile professional, you understand that receiving emails and documents is just part of the job as well as replying to your clients and higher-up’s. Being mobile also means being virtually paperless. If you want to stay current, you most likely will have devices in your arsenal like an iPad or Tablet PC. Accessing your digital files allows for greater efficiency for your work while you’re away and more importantly, your clients. GoPaperless Solutions has assisted several organizations in adopting paperless solutions while seamlessly saving on costs and increasing their overall business efficiency. GoPaperless offers software like eSignOnline, eSignDashBoard, REDfax, and Real Estate Dashboard that allows users to transact business from anywhere, anytime. Reply to an email on your cabin deck overlooking the lake.  You might be working but you can accomplish tasks relaxed and stress free. Of course in some cases you don’t want to take work with you on vacation. However, most of us these days are still replying to emails, sending faxes, and checking up on projects while on vacation. It’s just the nature of business these days.

The benefits of a vacation are hard to argue. Business almost never sleeps and you might still have to lend your expertise to your company and clients. Your client’s perception of your ability to cater to their needs hinges on how effortlessly you can connect to them and we want to know how you did it. What was the latest vacation spot you visited? What tools did you use to stay connected? Have any interesting stories to share? Possibly a situation where a signature was needed, a contract had to be drafted or an appointment for a video conference? Share with us your experience and how you stayed connected for your clients?

Your iPad is More Than Cool; Make the Most of It

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Your shiny new tablet is pretty. And it has all sorts of fun bells and whistles. But are you making the most of what it has to offer? Have you discovered the ways it can make your professional life easier? Or are you just playing Angry Birds and updating your Facebook status on it? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Tablets for REALTORS®

There are so many ways your tablet can make your life easier.

  • Access the MLS
  • Respond to leads right away
  • Electronically sign documents right in front of your client
  • Access and share documents
  • Create stunning listing presentations
  • Utilize a mortgage calculator
  • Managing your schedule (with a calendar)
  • Showing online listings for other properties to homebuyers while you’re out in the field
  • Keeping on top of your email when you’re away from the office
  • Check out the way your website looks on the iPad. Many potential customers will be viewing your site on a mobile device, so you want to be sure it’s fully functional and looking good. Check back regularly.

Do I Really Need an App for That?

Sure, there seems to be an app for everything. But do you really need them all? One of the most useful features of any tablet is Internet browsing. With your browser, you can access websites that may achieve many of the same things as an app. Of course, it’s absolutely imperative that a site be optimized for mobile if it’s going to have the same kind of functionality as an app.

We recently released our eSignDashboard app (check out the press release here). Choosing to create an app rather than just a website optimized for mobile was a carefully thought-out, strategic choice. We decided that it would achieve the best user experience. We built it so that it could have a wide host of features including the ability to sign documents electronically, manage documents, fax electronically, and much more.

We spotted a great article on RE Technology about the most popular apps for REALTORS®. You can read it here: “8 iPad Apps REALTORS® Love.” The tips in this article may give you a better idea about how to make the most of your iPad.

Should I Buy a Tablet?

So, you don’t already own a tablet. Should you buy one? If you do, it should be for the right reasons and not for the inevitable “Because everyone else has one.” Just to clarify the “right” reasons include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Better serving the needs of your customer

Even with all these benefits, the truth is, having a tablet is not a must for every agent. Not yet, at least. Who knows what the future will hold.


December 15, 2011 1 comment

Escondido, CA – GoPaperless Solutions Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of their eSignDashboard iPad app, scheduled for release December 15, 2011. eSignDashboard provides all the necessary tools for the mobile professional to be completely paperless.

“We are elated to offer this product to our users”, stated CEO Mehrdad Alaei. “They have been waiting patiently and we are thrilled to be helping them go paperless and run their businesses more efficiently with their iPad.”

eSignDashboard combines the necessary tools to go mobile and paperless with an intuitive interface that makes document management, annotations, secure signatures, sharing, and syncing easy. With tools such as eSign, eDocs, eAnnotate and more, users can now combine the convenience that this technology provides them, with the stylish and innovative appeal of the iPad.

The first phase of this app will include: eDocs, which allows users to manage files and folders locally on the iPad with a simple navigation panel; eAnnotate, which will allow users to markup and annotate documents in the editor with text, draw, date stamp, and other annotation tools; eSign, to get important business documents, contracts and agreements securely signed using eSignDashboard’s biometric (handwritten) electronic signature features and eFax so users can quickly and easily fax a signed contract or documents directly from eSignDashboard. Forthcoming editions of this app will include: eScan, eSync, eNotes and eShare. 

About: GoPaperless Solutions is a hi-tech company delivering the latest in total paper-free computing business solutions backed by leading edge service and support with our global ecosystem in mind. GoPaperless Solutions provides innovative software solutions such as eSignDashboard, Real Estate Dashboard and eSignOnline for the paperless professional in a variety of industries including real estate, insurance, automotive, finance, healthcare, and field service.

For more information about GoPaperless Solutions, visit


Some not so obvious ways to go green

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Going green has never been more popular than it is now.  Whether or not you choose to adopt a more green lifestyle, there are certainly realistic ways each person can live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle that complements their daily life.

Yes, there are the obvious, stopping the wasteful use of paper, recycling etc., but what about some not so obvious yet easy ways to go green? Here are a few ideas:

  • Start your morning with a USDA approved organic coffee which is grown using more sustainable methods.
  • If you don’t brew at home, bring your reusable mug to your local coffee shop. Not only will you possibly get a price break, your coffee will stay warm longer.
  • Turn off all the electronics you are not using in your home. Actually, this one is double the goodness because as I seen on Oprah, you can drastically cut your electric bill!
  • Recycle your electronics. Did you know it’s illegal to dump your electronics? They add nasty chemicals and heavy metals to the environment. I know, it’s so much easier to throw that busted keyboard in the trash but, many stores you go to have some sort of free electronic recycling box, especially electronic stores.
  • Stop tending to your lawn. Well, just don’t tend to it as much. Why? Because if your grass is a little longer, it absorbs more sunlight which makes it greener. It also makes the roots stronger which requires less watering.
  • Slow down. According to, driving above 60 MPH is like adding .50 cents to every gallon of gas, who knew! Guess who’s moving over to the slow lane…
  • Store your paperwork in a cloud based document management system such as eSignDashboard. By doing this, not only can you access the documents you need anywhere, you’re saving time you would not have had if you were shuffling though loads of paperwork.